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  Filmografía de Rubén Blades

The Last Fight 1982 Movies & Pictures International Inc.
Crossover Dreams (Musica) 1985 Miramax Films
The Return Of Rubén Blades (Musica) 1985 Film Four International
Fatal Beauty 1987 Metro Goldwyn Meyer
Critical Condition 1987 Paramount Pictures
The Milagro Beanfield War 1988 Universal Pictures
The Home Boy 1988 TCF/Homebody Productions/Redruby
Desorganized Crime 1989 Jim Kouf, Badham, Chen Group
Dead Man Out 1989 (1989) (TV)
Predador II 1990 20th Century Fox
The Two Jakes (Chinatown II) 1990 Paramount Pictures
The Lemmon Sisters 1990  
Mo' Better Blues 1990 Acres & A Mule Filmworks
Latino Session (Musica) 1990 Grabación en vivo en The Biltmore Bowl, L.A
The Super 1991 Largo Entertainment & 20th Century Fox
The Josephine Baker Story 1991 Home Box Office-HBO
One Man's War 1991 (1991) U.K. (TV) 
Crazy From The Heart 1991 Tuner Pictures/The DeMann Entertainment Company
The Color Of The Night 1993 Hollywood Pictures
Miracle On Interstate 880 1993 Columbia Pictures Corporation 
A Millon To Juan 1994 Trimark Pictures
Scorpion Spring 1995  
The Devil's Own (Enemigo Intimo) 1996 Columbia/Tristar/Buena Vista Films
Roots Of Rhythm (Musica) 1997 Cultural Research and Comunication, L.A.
Cradle Will Rock 1999  
All The Pretty Horses 2000  
The Maldonado Miracle 2002  
Empire (Musica) 2002 Universal Pictures
Assassination Tango 2003 MGM/UA (Marzo 28, 2003) 
A Once Upon A Time In México 2003 Columbia Pictures 
Imaginning Argentina 2003 Universal Pictures/Arenas Entertainment

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Por Sergio Rendón Ángel
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